Custom Home plan House Plan Permit

You need to have a set of house plans that give the information the Permit people ( your building permit issuing authority) are looking for, whether it is county city or your local governing body. These items are covered in our typical permit set and are roughly:

  • Title sheet with contact info, area and legal description
  • Site plan with all roads, setbacks, dimensions to structures on the site
  • Floor Plans with dimensions and electrical layout
  • Elevations with roof slope, heights, materials
  • Door and Window schedule with sizes of doors and windows
  • Section, buidling section and details showing the construction of the house
  • Framing plans, roof & floor - showing sizes of framing members and span direction
  • Foundation plan

This is our basic set of plans that we offer at a fixed rate quote ( 90 cents to $1.50 per square foot), Email Us at today to get started! Licensed Architect

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