How to Start a Project

  • Give us a brief description of what you want to accomplish, if you can send some sketches or pictures of something that you want to end up with that will help. If you have dome your prelim plans in a home planning software let us know, we can take your 3dhome architect, punch pro, home plan pro or chief architect files and use them as the startingpoint for your permit set.
  • Tell us the city and state you live in so that we can check your local building requirements for a construction permit. Also, tell us the approximate size (dimensions) of your remodel/addition or new house project.
  • Once we receive this information from you, we will e-mail you the cost of our fee.
  • If you are a new customer and you are ready to use our services, we will ask for an advance. Paypal is fast, easy and free to you.
  • You then need to send us the required information listed below.

We will review this information and e-mail you with any questions. We can then get started on your plans.
The Information We Need to Start a Project

  • The approximate size (dimensions) of your project.
  • The city and state you live in.
  • A site survey or plat records of your site.

Your contact info, name, address, phone number, county that you will be building in, applicable codes ( if known).
Assessor parcel number
Parcel Map of the property
Location of Easements
Location and Sizes of existing structures & improvements
Direction of water drainage
Location of incoming utilities and services (gas, electrical, water and sewer)
Compass direction ( where is North )
Lots of pictures
For remodels & additions, please take a lot of photos of the area of your house you want to remodel or add on to. Also, provide a sketch of the layout of this area with as many measured dimensions as it takes to accurately draw the plan.

A wish list describing features you want your project to include (for example, rooms, room sizes, and any special features).
For Remodels & Additions

  • Existing plans of your house (optional).
  • Plans you've drawn yourself by hand or using an architectural software program, like 3d Home Architect.

Scan your drawings at 200 D.P.I. and save as either tiff or jpg. Email us your drawings along with your Title sheet and any borders that you use. Please Zip your files before sending.

For New Houses
Pictures of your lot. Pictures of houses from books or magazines, Hand-drawn sketches, pictures from magazines showing plans and exteriors that you like. Plans you've drawn yourself using an architectural software program, like 3dHome Architect, Punch, Home Plan Pro, etc. You can send these items in one of three ways

  • If you have electronic files of some or all of these items (using a scanner, for example), you can e-mail them to
  • Fax to 651-305-5264
  • If you would like ftp access or your files are big, email me and I will set up an ftp account for you. Click here to download Core FTP lite.

We are online! I am online with all of the popular instant messengers. Now that we have an idea of what you need and a confirmation of pricing, we will go to work on your project. e-mail us at Home Plan and we will respond promptly.